Oakleaf Jr. High Chorus & Piano

To Excellence and beyond!

Performer's Handbook

Click the photo to access the Performer's Handbook.

The Performer's Handbook contains the guidelines for all student's enrolled in the Choral programs at Oakleaf Junior High School. By enrolling in the course, you are committing to adhering to these guidelines and expectations. 

Please sign the Performer's Contract on the last page and return to Mrs. Cole by the date requested.

Performance Calendar At-A-Glance

Unless otherwise stated: All Performances are in the cafeteria of OLJH. 

Report to classroom for warm-up/check-in at 6:00PM. Concert begins at 6:30PM

Other dates/times may be added as needed. Please check back often.


October 1--Fall Concert

December 10--Winter Concert

March 7-9--FVA Music Performance Assessment (Exact Date & Location TBA. Please keep entire weekend available!)

May 20--Spring Concert